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At twenty-six, Noel Starblanket was one of the youngest Indigenous chiefs in North America--twice elected chief of the Starblanket Reserve, and also elected vice-president of all-Saskatchewan Indigenous organization. His great-grandfather's advice was to "learn the wit and cunning of the White man." That he did. Here he is seen in action, a chief with a briefcase, working with government officials for grants, running for public office, talking down his opposition, and solving the domestic problems of his reserve.

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Starblanket, Donald Brittain, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Donald Brittain
  • producteur
    Donald Brittain
  • scénario
    Donald Brittain
  • producteur exécutif
    John N. Smith
  • photographie
    Douglas Kiefer
  • son
    Hans Oomes
  • montage
    John Kramer
  • montage sonore
    Bernard Bordeleau
  • ré-enregistrement
    Michel Descombes

  • DuaneG

    I was one of the young missionaries in this film. Whatever negative thoughts Noel may have expressed towards white people it wasn't shared by Irvin or Fred. I love them and their families whole heartedly. Even named my youngest daughter after Denita, One of Irvin's daughters. The memories I have from my time there will never be forgotten, or the fine people who give them meaning.

    DuaneG, 2 Déc 2016
  • StrawWalker

    I love the fact that this guy is passionate about helping the people on his reserve but quite frankly, his negative and non-loving attitude about white people will cause his ultimate downfall. A person goes much farther ahead when they are moved by love not hatred.

    StrawWalker, 1 Jui 2012