Remembering Tom

Remembering Tom

| 24 min

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Tom was 18 when he killed himself, leaving his family to deal with the anguish of his death. Remembering Tom explores the tragic aftermath of a young man's suicide and the painful impact on his family. We meet Tom's mother, father, sister and brother two years after his death. They convey how they have learned to live with, not "get over," Tom's suicide. Rachel, 17, describes how the event changed her life and how she coped with "the greatest pain anyone can imagine." She recounts overcoming her own suicidal thoughts in the months after her brother died. This documentary underscores a family's grief and bereavement following a suicide. Their strength and resilience provide hope that although we cannot always prevent such a tragedy, we can make choices about how to cope.

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Remembering Tom, Daryl Davis, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Daryl Davis
  • producteur
    Lori Kuffner
    Jennifer Torrance
  • montage
    Daryl Davis
  • caméra
    Donovan Fraser
  • None
    Thomas Hale
    Protrax Digital Inc.
  • deuxième équipe
    David Hansen
  • musique originale
    Jason Forrest Plumb
  • studio de post-production image
    Heartland Motion Pictures Inc.