Mela's Lunch

Mela's Lunch

| 14 min

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This short drama from the Playing Fair series recounts the shaky beginnings of a friendship between Allison and Mela, a girl who recently immigrated to Canada from India. Mela is trying hard to make friends and get used to her new surroundings, but Peter and other classmates make her feel unwelcome and out of place. Though Allison initially goes along with the group, the film shows that differences in skin color and country of origin need not be an obstacle to friendship or self-esteem.

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Mela's Lunch, Sugith Varughese, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Sugith Varughese
  • scénario
    Sugith Varughese
  • producteur
    Penny Ritco
    Wolf Koenig
  • producteur exécutif
    Colin Neale
  • caméra
    Susan Trow
  • son
    Hans Oomes
  • montage
    MeiYen Chan
  • montage sonore
    Robert Labrosse
  • mix
    Robert Labrosse
  • musique
    Boko Suzuki
  • interprète
    Serena Sial
    Allison Katz
    Matthew Stone
    Joelle Rudick
    Zachary Eberts
    Scott Belkin
    Molly Shinhat