I Was a Ninety-pound Weakling

A short 1960 documentary about physical fitness trends in the big city. Here you see modern man brought to bay by his own poundage, resolved to erase by exercise what rich food, idleness and age have put on.

Extrait de la sélection : Manifesto for Interventionist Media - because Art is a Hammer

Manifesto Point # 8: Always tell a good story.Well, here’s one from the vaults with a really good title! I was a Ninety Pound Weakling is an early example of the NFB moving into public health and health promotion, expounding the virtues of modern fitness regimes for the modern man who’s gained a few pounds in the modern world.. Really worth a peak and a chuckle. Directed by Georges Dufaux and Wolf Koenig.

— Katerina Cizek

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Wolf Koenig
Wolf Koenig
Georges Dufaux
Georges Dufaux
Roman Kroitor
Wolf Koenig
producteur exécutif
Tom Daly
George Croll
Frank Orban
Michael McKennirey
John Spotton


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    «The yoga instructor should be careful where he puts his hands.» — sixam, 18 Aoû 2014

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