How the Fiddle Flows

How the Fiddle Flows

| 48 min
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It's high summer in southern Saskatchewan and a rollicking tune fills the night. Four master Metis fiddlers play to the tapping toes of a lively crowd.

How the Fiddle Flows follows Canada's great rivers west along the fur-trading route of the early Europeans. The newcomers introduced the fiddle to the Aboriginal people they intermarried with along the way. A generation later, their mixed-blood offspring would blend European folk tunes with First Nations rhythms to create a rich and distinct musical tradition.

From the Gaspé Peninsula, north to Hudson Bay and to the Prairies, How the Fiddle Flows reveals how a distinctive Metis identity and culture were shaped over time. Featuring soaring performances by some of Canada's best known fiddlers and step dancers and narrated by award-winning actress Tantoo Cardinal.

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  • conseiller culturel
    John Leclair
    Jean Morisset
    Johnny Waniandy
  • interprète
    Gerald Auger
    Shane Zwack
    Warren Michael
    Sean Wei Mah
    Rod Sutherland
    Kevin Coyes
    Réal Gagné
    Roy Scott
    Travis Dugas
  • peintures
    Sherry Farrell Racette
  • writer
    Gregory Coyes
  • réalisateur
    Gregory Coyes
  • producteur
    Leigh Badgley
    Ava Karvonen
    Bonnie Thompson
    Jerry Krepakevich
  • producteur exécutif
    Graydon McCrea
    Kirk Shaw
  • narrateur
    Tantoo Cardinal
  • monteur
    Bonni Devlin
  • cinématographie
    Daron Donahue
    Paul M. Rickard
  • costumes
    Cindy Burgess
  • prise de son
    Nick Huard
    Jamie Kidd
    Brenda Donahue
    Wayne Griesbrecht
  • concepteur du son
    Marc Benoit
  • *
    Greg Watrych
  • recherche
    Anthony Pavlic
    David Ingram