Harvests on the March

Harvests on the March

| 38 min

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This short documentary follows Alberta farmers Jack Sutherland and Ted Quaschnick as they travel with transport trucks and a crew down through the wheat-producing plains of the American mid-west all the way to Texas and back. During these years of machinery shortages, the American harvest could use all the help that’s available. Through picturesque shots of the golden prairies, this film captures a moment in time when new agricultural cultivation methods for greater yield and quality are being developed to sustain an ever-growing population.

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Harvests on the March, Roger Morin, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Roger Morin
  • caméra
    Roger Morin
  • producteur
    James Beveridge
  • montage
    Horace Clarke
  • musique
    Robert Fleming