Fishing at the Stone Weir: Part 1

This short documentary about the Netsilik Inuit was shot at the height of summer. The skin tents are up, and it is time to fish. The men go into the river to form enclosures to trap fish. Once trapped, they are speared with three-pronged leisters. A woman cleans the catch, which has been strung on a thong. Everyone enjoys bits of raw fish.

Générique du film

Quentin Brown
Quentin Brown
producteur exécutif
Kevin Smith
Asen Balikci
Guy Mary-Rousselière
Richard Bergman
Ken Campbell
Ken Post
Douglas Wilkinson
Robert Young
Jacques Drouin
Elvin Carini
Michel Chalifour
William Gaddis
Jack Hirschfield
Bill Tannebring
montage sonore
Malca Gillson
Ken Page
Don Wellington

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  • twentington

    «what a lovely film» — twentington, 28 Oct 2013

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