First Stories - Apples & Indians

First Stories - Apples & Indians

| 5 min

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This whimsical 5-minute short follows filmmaker Lorne Olson as he searches for his true identity, after decades of never feeling at ease with what others called him. First Stories is an emerging filmmaker program for Indigenous youth which produced 3 separate collections of short films from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Produced in association with CBC, APTN, SCN, SaskFilm and MANITOBA FILM & SOUND.

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First Stories - Apples & Indians, Lorne Olson, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • écriture
    Lorne Olson
  • réalisateur
    Lorne Olson
  • prise de vues
    Claude Savard
    Reil Munro
  • preneur de son
    Norman Dugas
    Dino Schiavone
  • None
    Reil Munro
    Peter Myles Barnaby
    Kenneth George Godwin
    Blair Scott
    Lisa Jackson
  • assistant de production
    Marlin Greyeyes
  • maquillage
    Lita Fontaine
  • conception des costumes
    William Martin
  • montage son
    Anita Lubosch
  • musique originale
    Jesse Green
  • chargé de programmes
    Colleen Simard
  • assistant de l'émission
    Darryl Nepinak
  • agent, marketing
    Leslie Stafford
  • superviseur de production
    Scott Collins
  • administrateur de programme
    Cyndi Forcand
  • coordonnateur de production
    Monique Perron
    Rolande Petit
  • monteur en ligne
    Tony Wytinck
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Howard Rissin
  • producteur
    Joe MacDonald
  • producteur exécutif
    Michael Scott
    Derek Mazur

  • None

    Thoroughly enjoyed this insight.

    None, 18 Oct 2018
  • gaedener

    Love the tongue in cheek!!! "I am Indigenous" Made me laugh out loud! "Politically Correct" Terminology has nothing to do with true Identity. :) A great lesson!

    gaedener, 29 Fév 2012