The Fight for True Farming

In this documentary, crop and animal farmers in Quebec, the Canadian West, the US Northeast and France offer solutions to the social and environmental scourges of factory farming. Driven by the forces of globalization, rampant agribusiness is harming the environmemt and threatening the survival of farms. The proliferation of GMO crops is a further threat to biodiversity as well as to farmers' autonomy. In Europe as well as North America, a current of resistance bringing together farmers and consumers insists that it is possible - indeed imperative - to grow food differently.

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Eve Lamont
Eve Lamont
Eve Lamont
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Louise Dugal
Eve Lamont
Jean-François Paradis
Pierre Bertrand
Simon Brien
Diane Carrière
Marie-France Delagrave
Édouard Faribault
Daniel Ferland
François Guérin
Tom Hale
Christine Lebel
Éric Roy
montage sonore
Christian Marcotte
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Michel F. Côté
Urbain Desbois
Robert Langlois
Robert Langlois
François Parenteau
Mélanie Pilon
Geoffrey Mitchell
producteur exécutif
Colette Loumède
Sylvie Van Brabant
Nicole Hubert


  • icebaybie

    « The end of the line, the steam engine, documentary & much more. The current USA & ebbs & waves of the engulfing struggles of our giant neighbor, currently all for sale & power levers working for USA INC. essentially, from tar sands to resources, & a part of the pro mid west prairie culture, religious influences, social & economic ties. Sir John A. MacDonald & the national rail dream uniting the country, likely long swallowed up without it, from coast to coast to coast. The current day, remains, under strict federal gov. firm hand, incl penalties going to wheat funds, if they make too much profit. Crude & other commodities & the narrow freedom it has to sustain & grow newer, faster & better lines etc...with profits taken & or restrictions by government/load carrying demands, lower profit or not etc...& subject to political pork barreling positions.» — icebaybie, 3 Nov 2014

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