Democracy 4 Dummies

Democracy 4 Dummies

                                Democracy 4 Dummies
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This documentary shows curious cynics and aspiring politicians how to run for office with little or no money. Full of laughs and satirical commentary, this election adventure should leave even the most skeptical viewer thinking, "If these guys can do it, so can I!"

Democracy 4 Dummies follows the campaign trail of Dylan Perceval-Maxwell, an eccentric Green Party candidate and vegetable oil car driver in Montreal. While Dylan ultimately loses to federal opposition leader Gilles Duceppe, he gets the most votes of any Green Party candidate in Quebec.

Dylan and other Green Party candidates show us how to raise funds and collect signatures with dogs, skirts and anything else catchy. Viewers learn how important it is to confront one's opponent, attract media attention and get out the vote. The film features funny quotes from famous politicians throughout history, boasts a great indie soundtrack, and it's so grassroots it began with a borrowed camera. It is destined to inspire more unlikely candidates to run for office.

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Democracy 4 Dummies, Sophia Male, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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    Sophia Male
  • réalisateur
    Sophia Male
  • producteur
    Sophia Male
  • producteur associé
    Duncan McDowall
  • monteur
    Sophia Male
    Winston MacPherson
    Marc Cousinet
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    Sophia Male
  • compositeur de la musique
    Digs Dorfman
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    Matt Kober
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    Jean-Pierre Morin
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    Larry Gitnick
    Charles Gervais
    John Moran
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    Paul Dore
  • recherchiste
    Duncan McDowall
  • narrateur
    Sophia Male
  • conseiller au son
    Ian Chuprun
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    Laurel Baker
    Carly Breger
    Jasmine Million
    Rachel Starr
    Melinda Conant
  • traduction française
    Corinne Smith