A Crack in the Pavement: Growing Dreams

A Crack in the Pavement: Growing Dreams

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This short documentary shows initiatives kids take to transform bare pavement into dream schoolyards. Some grow trees for shade, and vegetables for a food bank. Others build a greenhouse or a rooftop garden, while others yet construct a courtyard pond as an outdoor classroom and refuge for wildlife.

A Crack in the Pavement is a two-part video set that shows children, teachers and parents how they can work together to 'green' their school grounds and make positive changes in their communities.

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    Jane Churchill
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  • OldMisterToad

    This is a great short film. I will encourage teachers and students to get involved in this kind of project. I think olders students (highschool) should be doing the same thing.

    OldMisterToad, 2 Mai 2011
  • Grandad

    Inspiring....makes me think of Illene Pevec's work. (http://old-site.susiladharma.org/secure/secure-pdf/cgp-06-summary.pdf). Thank You!

    Grandad, 28 Avr 2011
  • Bro. John

    Wonderful Film, Viva Canada! A Beautiful State of Mind.

    Bro. John, 27 Avr 2011
  • mocharl


    mocharl, 27 Avr 2011