Citizen Z

This short documentary focuses on Toronto's Dufferin Grove Park - home to a playground, ice rinks, an organic farmer's market, a theatre troupe and numerous cultural activities. But when city inspectors raid the park on Christmas Eve and discover huge puppets, a baking oven and kitchen sharing the park's dedicated Zamboni building, the flourishing neighbourhood group is threatened with evacuation. This is a tongue-in-cheek look at what happens when a small community, including some wily puppets, takes on city hall.

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A Lonely Zamboni, evil puppets, strict city inspectors and a community in crisis. Monty Python sketch? Crazy Dali dream? Actually, it’s a hilarious story of fighting city hall and winning, told with humour and charm.

— Albert Ohayon


Cavan Young
Cavan Young
Gerry Flahive
Bruce Griffin
directeur de la photographie
Mark Ellam
Ian Challis
Robert Fletcher
compositeur de la musique
Mary-Ellen Gillespie
Larry Lewis
superviseur du montage sonore
Russell Walker
montage son
Bruce Fleming
mixeur du repiquage
Kevin Tokar
producteur exécutif
Silva Basmajian


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