The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kaladar

The setting for this drama is a logging community, focusing on a man who chooses the unfettered life and uncertain income of an itinerant bush worker, even though it means that his family lives poorly as a result. The film is a study of the effects on family life of isolation and deprivation. Features a wonderful performance from a young Margot Kidder.

Ce film contient des scènes de nudité et/ou de sexualité. Pour public averti

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Peter Pearson
Barrie Howells
John Kemeny
Joan Finnigan
Tony Ianzelo
Hans Oomes
Michael McKennirey
montage sonore
Bernard Bordeleau
Robert Fleming
Margot Kidder
Kate Reid
Chris Wiggins
Paisley Maxwell
William Thourlby
Sandy Webster
Jon Granik


  • audi2010

    «I was 10 when this was filmwed and I can remember everyone talking about the movie being filmed in front of the old beer store on mainstreet in Renfrew (now a parking lot beside the grocery store). I grew up spending time in Calabogie and Matawachan and points in between. My mother worked with Joan Finnigan's sister and she was well know in Renfrew, I have a number of her books, signed. I like to see this every now and then to remind myself of my childhood home and it is really representative of the geography and characters that inhabited the local areas. » — audi2010, 8 Mai 2012

  • Hattie

    «I truly enjoyed this film when it was on TV, eons ago. It was partially filmed at my Uncles Hunt Camp near Calabogie. My Aunts and one Uncle thought it was scandalous. What a laugh. The fight at the dance was well done and was very typical of the area at that time. Well done, indeed.» — Hattie, 28 Fév 2012

  • donnscotty

    «I enjoyed this film very much. Not what I expected from Joan Finnegan. Well acted drama I would like to visit again every now and then.» — donnscotty, 19 Mar 2011

  • «I'd forgotten how good this movie is.» — dualie, 23 Déc 2010

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