Becoming 13

Becoming 13

                                Becoming 13
| 47 min
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This smart documentary explores the intimidating terrain of girlhood by following three 12-year-olds over the period of one year. As these girls move from childhood to maturity, it's clear that peer pressure is an important influence, but as the films shows, the greatest influence in a young girl's life is family.

Filmmaker Victoria King's creative approach, including the use of "diary-cam" footage, not only follows the girls but allows them to question the world in their own voices. Ultimately, the film reveals the complexities of being 12, both satisfying our curiosity and inviting us to ask, What happens next?

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  • writer
    Victoria King
  • réalisateur
    Victoria King
  • producteur
    Geeta Sondhi
    Annette Clarke
    Victoria King
  • monteur
    Lawrence Jackman
  • prise de vues
    Ellie Yonova
  • *
    Harvey Hyslop
    Lori Clarke
  • recherchiste
    Baptiste Neis
    Ruba Nadda
    Claire MacKinnon
  • chef scénariste
    Erna Buffie
  • cinématographie
    Ankur Ahuja
  • preneur de son
    O.V. Sathiyaseelan
  • *
    Harvey Hyslop
    Harvey Hyslop
  • producteur exécutif
    Kent Martin

  • amylovesyoumore

    This is a very sweet and honest-seeming portrait of three young girls and their mothers (mainly) from St. Johns. I appreciated the girl's voices in this project and how larger narratives emerged from what was both said and unsaid by both mothers and daughters within the film. I will encourage my goddaughter to watch this one for sure!! Thank you!

    amylovesyoumore, 13 Mar 2011