When Hockey Came to Belfast

This documentary tells the moving story of Northern Irish teenage hockey players Andrew and Paul, best friends in a city divided by religion. In Belfast, hockey is bringing Northern Irish youth together in a shared love of the game, providing a respite from the Protestant-Catholic turf warfare that pervades their lives. Set against the backdrop of a post-conflict society, the film provides an intimate glimpse into the realities of life in Belfast—the 12-metre-high walls that divide Catholic and Protestant, the precautions Andrew and Paul must take to be friends, and the safety they find on the rink at Dundonald.


Linda Conway
Linda Conway
Selwyn Jacob
Shelly Hamer
Mark Mackay
Stephen Mullan
Moira Simpson
Doug Sjoquist
Robyn Traill
supervision sonore
Gael MacLean
prise de son
Jeff Henschel
Lisa Kolisnyk
Peter Sawade
recherche de documents d'archives
Paula Sawadsky
Corinna Hagel
mixeur du repiquage
Gashtaseb Ariana
producteur exécutif
Rina Fraticelli


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