Water - Reserves and Networks

Water - Reserves and Networks

| 20 min

Canada possesses the greatest supply of fresh and salt water on the planet. This video examines the country's waterways, reserves and networks, and looks at the important role water has played in the past and present. Water shows how this precious resource has been both a boon and a challenge. Early explorers trying to locate the Northwest Passage to Asia ended up marooned and shipwrecked on the treacherous ice floes of the Canadian Arctic. Yet coastal waters have been treasured the world over for their bountiful fish stocks. And inland, the country's intricate systems of rivers and lakes have served as navigational arteries, sources of energy and playgrounds for leisure. TRANSIT features five videos that examine Canada's rich and diverse geography. Each film in the series combines spectacular cinematography and lively animation, using the Earth's basic elements as themes: Air explores climate; Water showcases the country's network of rivers, lakes and oceans; Land looks at the vast territory that makes Canada the second largest country in the world; Fire documents old and new sources of energy; plus Life, which develops the themes of people, fauna and flora.

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Water - Reserves and Networks, Michel Barbeau, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Michel Barbeau
  • recherchiste
    Michel Barbeau
  • monteur
    Éric Ruel
  • écriture
    Daniel Frenette
  • montage son
    André Chaput
  • narrateur
    Thor Bishopric
  • None
    Tony Ianzelo
    Robert Grenier
    Guy Rémillard
    Roger Martin
    Robert Grenier
    Éric Clément
    Jocelyn Hudon
    Stéphane Cadotte
    Ariane Picher
    Andres Norambuena
    Monique Caron-Bouchard
  • gérant de production
    Christian Medawar
  • prise de vues
    Ernest McNabb
  • photographie additionnelle
    Tony Ianzelo
    Stefan Nitoslawski
  • assistance à la caméra
    André Beaulieu
    Yves Beaudoin
    Alfonso Maiorana
    Robert Grenier
  • régisseur
    Élaine Tougas
    Alison Burns
  • assistant de production
    Stefan Maiorana
    Yves Fontigny
    Lorne Dosogne
  • conseiller
    Colin Low
  • producteur
    Mark Zannis
    Pierre Lapointe
  • animation
    Éric Clément
    Jocelyn Hudon
  • animation additionnelle
    Francine Paquin
  • monteur en ligne
    Denis Pilon
    Éric Ruel
  • post-production vidéo
    National Film Board of Canada
  • coordonnateur postproduction
    Éric Barbeau
    Claude Cardinal
    Richard Lesage
  • enregistrement voix
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Patrick Viegas
  • assistant monteur sonore
    Marc Lapointe
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    Geoffrey Mitchell
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    Luc Préfontaine
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    Sylvia Mezei
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    Marie-Noëlle Soumeillant
    Roger Sauvageau
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    Christiane Talbot
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    Jack Horwitz
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    Gisèle Guilbault
    Andrée Lachapelle
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    Marina Trambas
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    David Verrall