Surviving Progress

Surviving Progress

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This feature documentary connects the financial collapse, growing inequity and the Wall Street oligarchy with future technology, sustainability, and the fate of civilization itself. Inspired by Ronald Wright's bestseller A Short History of Progress, Surviving Progress digs deep into human nature and patterns of history to challenge and redefine the very idea of progress.

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  • personne interviewée
    Ronald Wright
    Mark Levine
    Robert Wright
    Marina Silva
    Kambale Musavuli
    Vaclav Smil
    Colin Beavan
    Michael Hudson
    Jane Goodall
    Chen Ming
    Chen Changnian
    Craig Venter
    Raquel Taitson-Queiroz
    Gary Marcus
    Daniel Povinelli
    Victor Gau
    Margaret Atwood
    Simon Johnson
    Enio Beata
    David Suzuki
    Jim Thomas
  • voix
    Stephen Hawking
  • *
    Michael Shellenberger
    Ted Nordhaus
    Philip Fearnside
    Francisco Santos Olivera
    Adelson Jose De Santana
    Marcelo Gusmao
    Marcelo V. Gusmao
    Ana Maria Gusmao
    Ana Flavia Gusmao
    Joel Bellenson
    Guo Yunzhe
    Sing Lui
    Zhang Ning
    Yang Shi Min
    James Reaux
    Fabio Rodrigo Cavenaghi
  • recherche
    Nancy Marcotte
    Li Li
  • foley artist
    Maxime Potvin
  • *
    Patrick Watson
    Michael Ramsey
    Nancy Marcotte
  • réalisateur
    Mathieu Roy
    Harold Crooks
  • *
    Mathieu Roy
    Harold Crooks
  • producteur exécutif
    Martin Scorsese
    Emma Tillinger Koskoff
    Mark Achbar
    Betsy Carson
    Silva Basmajian
  • producteur
    Gerry Flahive
    Daniel Louis
    Denise Robert

  • kruscito

    @Lilliput --> Alliance Canada is distributing this film, so we don't have a release date yet. I'll keep you updated!

    kruscito, 16 Nov 2011
  • Lilliput

    When may I expect to purchase a copy of the DVD of surviving progress?

    Lilliput, 14 Nov 2011
  • kruscito

    @zarya and @Deacon68 --> Surviving Progress is currently in its festival run. When we have a more concrete public availability timeline for the film, we'll let you know!

    kruscito, 19 Sep 2011
  • zarya

    I am looking forward to seeing this in Edmonton. When will it be released and where? The moment it is on media I would like to submit it for acquisition by the University of Alberta Library. This would be a great aid in many classes.

    zarya, 16 Sep 2011
  • Deacon68

    After this screens at TIFF is there any information on when and where it will be available to the public?

    Deacon68, 13 Sep 2011
  • John Kennedy

    Quite intrigued by this film... looking forward to watching it.

    John Kennedy, 11 Sep 2011