Strike in Town

This short film depicts the act of collective bargaining common to Canadian industry and shows how it affected a union, a company and a community. In Strike in Town the events that led to a deadlock in negotiations between management and employees at a furniture factory are staged against the backdrop of a one-industry town. It's the story of a strike nobody wanted, but which everyone was powerless to stop.

Générique du film

Leslie McFarlane
Nicholas Balla
Ian MacNeill
Morten Parker
Walter A. Sutton
Joseph Champagne
Fergus McDonell
montage sonore
Dino Di Campo
John Drainie
Elizabeth Amos
Sheila Coonan
Brendan Dillon
Edward Holmes
Howard Kennedy
Norman Knapp
Cec Linder
James Doohan
Howard Milsom
Karl Wilkin

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  • AnnieSSI

    «Within 15 years, my dad had the crap kicked out of him by the IWA enforcers that claimed the town, and within 20, there was only one woodworking factory left out of 20 or so that existed when this film was made. Now there are none. Go IWA!» — AnnieSSI, 27 Avr 2011

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