Scared Sacred

Scared Sacred is a feature documentary that asks the question: Can we be Scared into the Sacred? The film takes us on a journey to the pivotal ground zeros of the world, places like Bosnia, Hiroshima, New York City and Afghanistan in search of stories of hope and meaning.

Ce film traite d'un sujet controversé. Pour un public averti

Extrait de la sélection : The Strength of Peace

Award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper searches in a multitude of ground zeros around the world for hope in the darkest places. Whether in Kabul, Palestine, Hiroshima or New York, he finds hope for peace when a decision has been made to choose “the other way” from violence. An appropriate title for a beautiful film.

— Douglas Roche

Extrait de la sélection : La force de la paix

Le cinéaste lauréat Velcrow Ripper nous entraîne vers les endroits les plus dévastés de la planète, cherchant une lueur d’espoir dans les lieux les plus sombres. Tant à Kaboul qu’en Palestine, à Hiroshima ou à New York, il trouve un filon vers la paix là où l’on prend la décision de choisir « l’autre voie », l’alternative à la violence. Un titre approprié pour un film magnifique.

— Douglas Roche

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Mehboob Bi
Satinath Sarangi
Aki Ra
Amina Bejovic
Nejadad Bejovic
Dalai Lama
Kae Goh Ogura
Sensei Enkyo
Sarwar Jan
David Zeller
Rami Elhanan
George Sa'ada
Najwa Sa'ada
Robi Damelin
Velcrow Ripper
Velcrow Ripper
Velcrow Ripper
Cari Green
Harry Sutherland
Tracey Friesen
prise de vues
Velcrow Ripper
Velcrow Ripper
concepteur du son
Velcrow Ripper
mixeur du repiquage
Daniel Pellerin
Gashtaseb Ariana
Velcrow Ripper
narration de début
Emma Restall-Orr
supervision sonore
Gashtaseb Ariana
monteur effets sonores
Gordon Durity
Velcrow Ripper
Michael Keeping
producteur exécutif
Alberta Nokes
Rina Fraticelli


  • Bianca

    «I watched this film after watching Fierce Light and I think your project is an amazing source of inspiration. There is no social change without the change of human consciousness and you showed this extraordinarily in both films. I am very grateful for seeing your work, which should be shown in film studies or human rights courses.» — Bianca, 2 Déc 2012

  • seeker70

    «thank you- i have some of the same feelings as you describe in the beginning - you did something beautiful and informative with yours - i am also especially drawn to Afghanistan - and am so full of respect for the israeli and palestenian families who are healing each other. » — seeker70, 18 Mar 2012

  • CannedRocks

    «The first time I was scared sacred, was in the Queen Charlotte Islands. Thank you so much for this film. I hope everyone out there gets a chance to see this. Maybe things will get better. Lets hope...» — CannedRocks, 28 Sep 2010

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