Rick Mercer: 'Take Action'Figures

Rick Mercer: 'Take Action'Figures

| 5 min
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While gift shopping at an “enlightened” toy store, a mother and son are out of luck finding the latest Spider-Man and Transformers toys—because all this eccentric shopkeeper proudly sells are Rick Mercer-themed toys that are meant to inspire the next generation of Canadian youth.

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  • réalisateur
    Stephen Dunn
  • producteur
    Cecil Rohan Fernando
  • producteur exécutif
    Annette Clarke
  • writer
    Rick Currie
    Greg Eckler
  • interprète
    Mark Critch
    Kathryn Greenwood
    Donovan Colan
  • directeur de la photographie
    Paul McCurdy
  • preneur de son
    Jim Rillie
  • direction artistique
    Ewen Dickson
  • hair artist
    Charlotte Gavaris
  • maquillage
    Charlotte Gavaris
  • montage
    Bryan Atkinson
  • montage sonore
    Graham Colwell
  • mixage sonore
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • composition musicale
    David Arcus
  • producteur
    Rohan Fernando