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The Kitchen Goddess

The Kitchen Goddess

| 53 min

In the chaos of the post-modern world we still need the village psychic. Throughout the Maritime provinces of eastern Canada, neighbourhood fortune-tellers and village wise-women are alive and well, and their practices have survived intact. These women often work at the kitchen table--and today, they're more sought-after than ever. They're seemingly average people who don't put on airs and affectations, but who go about doing some rather extraordinary things with very little fuss. Using herbal preparations, spells, astrology, or tools as simple as tea leaves and tap water, they look into the past, present and future -- and offer tips on coping with what life throws our way. It's a fascinating tradition--and director Donna Davies has been immersed in it since childhood. Join her in The Kitchen Goddess as she takes you on a personal visit into the worlds of seven Maritime psychics.

  • réalisateur
    Donna Davies
  • scénario
    Donna Davies
  • narration
    Donna Davies
  • producteur
    Kent Martin
  • producteur exécutif
    Sally Bochner
    Marilyn A. Belec
    Don Haig
  • cinématographie
    John Hopkins
  • son
    Jane Porter
  • montage
    Angela Baker
  • montage sonore
    Alex Salter
  • ré-enregistrement
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • musique
    Chris Corrigan
  • participation
    Debra Berrigan
    Edna Aker
    Olive Porter
    Sherry Lynne Grace
    Donna Schnare
    Terry Murphy
    Evelyn Hare
    Jean Bradley
    Brian Dorey
    Patricia Coughran
    Lorraine Perry
    Deborah Cordeau
    Cindy Greener
    Ina Floyd
    Irene Killam
    Gail Davidson
    Wendy Drew
    Sheila Fudge
    Susan White
    Linda Hall
    Paige Rankin
    Jane Hennessey
    Emily Crook-Hanna
    Kendra McInnis
    Sam Crosby
    William Banks
    Jeneen Frei Njootli
    Madison Atkins
    France Davies
    Edgar Miller
    Ivan Murnaghan
    Claire Coolen
    Claire Zimmerman
    Lea Zimmerman


The Kitchen Goddess
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