I Can Make Art ... Like Marcelle Ferron

Marcelle Ferron was a Quebec-born painter and stained glass maker, and a dominant figure in contemporary art in Quebec and Canada. Frequent stays in a dull, dark hospital room due to a childhood illness left her with a passion for light and colour that is evident in her abstract painting and modern stained glass creations.

In I Can Make Art Like Marcelle Ferron, students are exposed to contemporary abstract art and discover Ferron's luminous world. Inspired by her extraordinary art, they create their own works, experimenting with the texture and transparency of cellophane and paint.

Awash in colour and bold design, I Can Make Art Like Marcelle Ferron captures her passion and reinforces the important legacy of this groundbreaking artist.

I Can Make Art is a series of six short films that take a kids'-eye view on a diverse group of Canadian visual artists.


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Générique du film

Jane Churchill
Jane Churchill
Tamara Lynch
directeur de la photographie
Michael Wees
Marco Fania
Joey Calugay
recherchiste pour la série
Jane Churchill
conseiller en art pour la série
Nancy Retallack-Lambert
compositeur de la musique
Eric Lemoyne
recherche visuelle
Sylvia Mezei
montage son
Tony Reed
Karla Baumgardner
Shelley Craig
Benoît Chagnon

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