A Family for Maria

A Family for Maria

| 5 min

An animated film for five- to eight-year-olds about international adoption and the difficulty of adapting to a new environment. The film also gives a glimpse into the problems of abandoned children in developing countries. In A Family for Maria/Une famille pour Maria, love triumphs over the insecurity of a little Latin American girl who finds a new family in North America.

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  • réalisateur
    Lina Gagnon
  • scénario
    Lina Gagnon
  • animation
    Lina Gagnon
  • producteur
    Thérèse Descary
  • cinématographie
    Pierre Landry
    Lynda Pelley
  • montage
    Camille Laperrière
  • montage sonore
    Michèle Groleau
  • ré-enregistrement
    Adrian Croll
  • voix
    Anne Loranger-King
    Prunelle Roger
  • musique
    Normand Roger