Encounter at Trinity

Encounter at Trinity

| 28 min

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The big whale round-up at Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, is brought to the screen with a realism not often found in fish stories. Cameras are on hand to record the annual sea drama as herds of pothead whales are driven inshore by fishing boats and killed in shallow water. There is tense excitement as, their escape cut off, the marine monsters fight for their lives. Reporter Fred Davis is told about the commercial uses of whale meat and whale products, particularly in mink farming.

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Encounter at Trinity, Allan Wargon, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Allan Wargon
  • producteur
    Julian Biggs
  • scénario
    George Salverson
  • photographie
    Robert Humble
  • son
    Erik Nielsen
  • montage
    Donald Ginsberg
  • montage sonore
    Kenneth Heeley-Ray
  • présentateur
    Fred Davis