This documentary short is a portrait of Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party and 13th prime minister of Canada, John George Diefenbaker (1895-1979). Diefenbaker's political career spanned 6 decades. When he died in 1979, his state funeral and final train trip west became more a celebration of life than a victory for death. Interweaving scenes from past and present, the film crafts a tribute to an illustrious Canadian and records how a nation paused to pay homage to "The Chief."

Générique du film

William Canning
Mark Zannis
producteur exécutif
Barrie Howells
David De Volpi
Savas Kalogeras
Barry Perles
Andreas Poulsson
Bev Davidson
Michel Hazel
Stephan Steinhouse
montage sonore
Stephan Steinhouse
Jean-Pierre Joutel

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