The Company of Strangers

In this feature film, 8 elderly women find themselves stranded when their bus breaks down in the wilderness. With only their wits, memories and some roasted frogs' legs to sustain them, this remarkable group of strangers share their life stories and turn a potential crisis into a magical time of humour, spirit and camaraderie. Featuring non-professional actors and unscripted dialogue, this film dissolves the barrier between fiction and reality, weaving a heart-warming tale of friendship and courage.

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Cynthia Scott
David Wilson
David Wilson
producteur exécutif
Colin Neale
Rina Fraticelli
Peter Katadotis
Gloria Demers
David De Volpi
Roger Martin
Jacques Drouin
montage sonore
André Galbrand
Danuta Klis
Hans Peter Strobl
Adrian Croll
Marie Bernard
Alice Diabo
Constance Garneau
Winifred Holden
Cissy Meddings
Mary Meigs
Catherine Roche
Michelle Sweeney
Beth Webber


  • AndrewT

    «A brilliant film that makes me a little less anxious about getting old. » — AndrewT, 2 Fév 2016

  • jamian

    «A film recommended to me that I in turn recommend to others... Whether the scenery, time or the characters - all remind one of a person, place or moment in life. Poignant and excellent in all aspects.» — jamian, 23 Jan 2012

  • boots

    «Charming and thought provoking a lovely 'peeling the onion' of characters and relationships. The music for me was too strident and I would have preferred music from their pasts, rather than the 'should have taken her wig off' score, beautiful though it was, it somehow made a delightful and delicate film, a little heavy.» — boots, 30 Nov 2011

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