Canada Vignettes: Riverdale Lion

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  • 1 min

This very short animation from the Canada Vignettes series is a visual interpretation of the poem “Riverdale Lion” by Canadian poet and essayist John Robert Colombo.


  • Grannybud

    «This short film is a very good way to teach curious little Buds how cruel it is to keep animals in cages. Example @freetonytiger who has been in a cage for 12 years and he lives in a Truck stop 24 hours day in day out lorrys, pictures,not sleeping,fumes read about him Love Granny Bud :-)xxx @budstalk from Budvillage» — Grannybud, 18 Sep 2013

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Générique du film

David Verrall
producteur exécutif
Derek Lamb
Andy Thomson

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