Birth of a Giant

Birth of a Giant

| 30 min

This documentary short tells the story of the conception, construction and testing of the largest Canadian aircraft of its time - the Canadair Argus. A marine reconnaissance aircraft, the Argus was designed and manufactured by Canadair for the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Air Force. In its early years, it was reputedly the finest anti-submarine patrol bomber in the world.

  • réalisateur
    Hugh O'Connor
  • scénario
    Hugh O'Connor
  • producteur
    David Bairstow
  • photographie
    Jean Roy
  • son
    Frank Orban
  • montage
    Tony Lower
  • montage sonore
    David Green

Birth of a Giant
Autres options
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    First of all, I spent several years and many thousand hours flying on the Argus so was interested in seeing how it was built. The Argus was a great aircraft, probably the best Anti submarine patrol aircraft in its day. I was also impressed w2ith the can do attitude shown by the people who designed and built it. This seems something we as Canadians have lost since then.

    None, 9 Mar 2021
  • jayceer

    Typical comment, if I remember correctly Dief and his crew killed the aircraft industry in this country to the benefit of the USA

    jayceer, 25 Mar 2012
  • Quartist

    Very interesting and still relevant today, especially for Warship payload. I wonder where all the supportive industries like Mitchell are today. Gone probably, thanks to Liberal mismanagement of the Canadian Defence Industries.

    Quartist, 18 Mar 2012
  • bbutchart63

    Never realized how much time, effort, patience, engineering and engineering skills required to build such an aircraft. So many people from different manufacturing plants involved from designing and making of parts from the smallest rivet to the largest piece required and making it all fit together,

    bbutchart63, 17 Mar 2012
  • frank

    Found it a very informative documentary.

    frank, 16 Mar 2012

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