Bill Reid

Bill Reid

| 27 min

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This documentary follows Haida artist Bill Reid, from British Columbia. A jeweller and wood carver, he works on a traditional Haida totem pole. We watch the gradual transformation of a bare cedar trunk into a richly carved pole to stand on the shores of the town of Skidegate, in the Queen Charlotte Islands of B.C.

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Bill Reid, Jack Long, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Jack Long
  • producteur
    Penni Jacques
    George Johnson
  • producteur exécutif
    John Taylor
  • caméra
    Jack Long
    David Geddes
    Rudy Pentisch
  • son
    Richard Patton
    Robert Young
  • montage
    George Johnson
  • montage sonore
    John Knight
  • ré-enregistrement
    Barry P. Jones
  • animation
    Svend-Erik Eriksen
  • musique
    Fred Stride
    Dave Robbins

  • Dogfish

    Anyway....Jalun was also able to work with Bill before he died. It was so nice to see the Pole raising again

    Dogfish, 28 Déc 2011
  • Nativenture TV

    I am trilled to find this video at NFB. It was made in 1979, some 30 years ago! The footage is invaluable and real. I truly appreciate that this beautiful film is available online. I started learning about Canadian West Coast Native Art about ten years ago. My interest has been increasing and I want to share my passion with the online community. During the Olympics in Vancouver, I created two videos explaining West Coast Native Art and Culture. You video is a great inspiration for me. I am hoping that my efforts will make a small contribution to the native art community. I would like to complaint Jack Long for his excellent documentary about Bill Reid.

    Nativenture TV, 31 Mar 2010