Between You and You All

Between You and You All

| 1 h 4 min

A chronicle of daily life that lays bare people’s dependency on consumer society, which reduces and degrades individuals via its very structures—and which, the filmmaker argues, must be challenged and transformed. There is no story as such—that is, no conventional episodic structure or plot, but rather a sequence of seven tableaux depicting the life of a couple and its gradual disintegration, set against the socio-economic backdrop of 1969, a world in which seduction is ever-present.

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Between You and You All, Gilles Groulx, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Gilles Groulx
  • scénario
    Gilles Groulx
  • producteur
    Jean Pierre Lefebvre

  • farmer77

    That's some trippy shit right there!

    farmer77, 10 Jui 2021
  • ChimesofFreedom

    Bob3, that made me stop and wonder as well. I'm very much enjoying the film, nonetheless.

    ChimesofFreedom, 25 Aoû 2016
  • Bob3

    This film was released in 1969-70? About 35 minutes in, he says “8:30 reruns of Fawlty Towers.” Fawlty Towers didn’t exist in 1970. Wiki: In May 1970 the Monty Python team stayed at the Gleneagles …..John Cleese became fascinated with the behaviour of the owner, Donald Sinclair, whom Cleese later described as "the rudest man I've ever come across in my life." "Fawlty Towers is a BBC television sitcom that was first broadcast on BBC2 in 1975."

    Bob3, 25 Déc 2015