Andrew Britt at Shoal Bay

By using film as a means of communication, the people of Fogo Island, Newfoundland, voice some of their daily concerns. This film discusses fishermen's cooperation, the need for a fish plant, and adult education.


  • ShoalBay

    « While researching family history I happened upon your web site. That's my Uncle An in this video and Pay Brett sittin right next to him. I was "stunned" when I heard his voice. And I do believe this interview took place in the Church/School House located right across the road from my Grandparents home in Shoal Bay. For the record, it`s Andrew Brett, not Britt. Hoping you can update or cross reference your records so others will have the pleasure of finding.» — ShoalBay, 27 Mar 2012

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Générique du film

Colin Low
John Kemeny
Robert Humble
Dennis Sawyer

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