Aftermath: The Remnants of War

This feature-length documentary reveals the unspoken truth about war - it never really ends. Archival images and personal stories portray the lingering devastation of war. Filmed on location in Russia, France, Bosnia and Vietnam, the film features individuals involved in the cleanup of war: de-miners who risk their lives on a daily basis, psychologists working with distraught soldiers, and scientists and doctors who struggle with the contamination of dioxin used during Vietnam. Based on the Gelber Award-winning book by Donovan Webster, this film conveys the fact that war doesn't end when the fighting stops.

Ce film traite d'un sujet controversé. Pour un public averti


Daniel Sekulich
Ed Barreveld
Michael Kot
Peter Starr
Deborah Palloway
directeur de la photographie
Michael Grippo
producteur exécutif
Don Haig
André Bennett
Louise Lore
Norm Bolen
Sydney Suissa
Allen Abel
Daniel Sekulich
musique originale
Claude Desjardins
Eric N. Robertson
prise de son
Adrian Tucker
John Jarvis
montage son
Dwayne Newman
mixeur du repiquage
Dwayne Newman


  • KeithWebb

    «When people tell they are proud to be an American I only have to think of the affect of Agent Orange and ask myself what is there to be proud about» — KeithWebb, 16 Mai 2011

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