645 Wellington

645 Wellington

| 54 min

A stone's throw from downtown Montreal, quirky artists, blue-collar workers and unconventional families are being forced to leave their old neighbourhood as high-tech firms move in. Like in so many other cities, the tech companies arrive with the promise of a rosy future--but it's one built on demolitions, evictions and the conversion of low-rent property to high-priced condos.

This is a portrait of one building and its residents--people like Constanzo 'Fartman' Manna, an eccentric shipper and packer who's headed for Chile to marry the love of his life and bring her back to Montreal; artist Luc Bourbonnais, who is fighting desperately to hold on to the loft that inspires so much of his art; and Cuban émigré Rolando Zambrano, who ran a neighbourhood snack bar for nearly 30 years.

Shot over a period of six months and set to a pulsing Latin and rock soundtrack, 645 Wellington not only opens a window onto the lives of the building's residents but brings the building itself to life. We come to know the dark hallways, the corners and the doorways. We get to know them well. Just as they are about to change, forever.

645 Wellington was produced as part of the Reel Diversity Competition for emerging filmmakers of colour. Reel Diversity is a National Film Board of Canada initiative in partnership with CBC Newsworld.

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  • réalisateur
    Kaveh Nabatian
  • monteur
    Maxime Chalifoux
  • prise de vues
    Ali Reggab
  • photographie additionnelle
    Allan Edgar
    Costanzo Manna
    Alex Margineanu
    Kaveh Nabatian
    Peter Pons
    Ève-Barbara Robidoux
    Shannon Walsh
  • photographe - studio
    Rawi Hage
  • preneur de son
    Marco Fania
  • prise de son additionnelle
    Danny Fania
  • assistant de production
    Robert Yates
    Philippe Blanchard
    Nahani Grenier
  • montage son
    Marco Fania
  • None
    Kaveh Nabatian
  • conseiller à la musique
    Rich Parry
  • montage en ligne
    Sylvain Desbiens
  • technicien montage numérique
    Danielle Raymond
  • conception des titres
    Louise Overy
  • coordonnateur de la postproduction
    Claude Cardinal
  • commis de studio
    Evelyn Reid
    Sia Koukoulas
  • administrateur de programme
    Nickie Merulla
    Marie Tonto-Donati
  • producteur associé
    Ravida Din
  • producteur
    Germaine Ying Gee Wong
  • producteur exécutif
    Sally Bochner