United States of Africa

African hip hop pioneer Didier Awadi is on a quest to craft an album that pays tribute to the great black revolutionary leaders and their struggle to realize a dream: a united, independent Africa. In this epic musical and political journey, Awadi visits some 40 countries to collaborate with hip hop activist artists, including Smockey (Burkina Faso), M-1 of Dead Prez (United States) and ZuluBoy (South Africa).

Featuring a score by Ghislain Poirier, as well as Awadi’s own songs, United States of Africa draws the viewer into one artist’s profound meditation on the power of music and the impact of political engagement—both individual and collective. A hopeful and compelling portrait of a continent whose politically aware youth is refusing to accept the role of victim, the film is a call for Africans to rise up, take a stand and take control of their continent and their destiny.

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Yanick Létourneau
Didier Awadi
M 1
Yanick Létourneau
Colette Loumède
Yanick Létourneau
Sébastien Tétrault
Hany Ouichou
Geoffroy Beauchemin
Alex Margineanu
René Portillo
Sophie Farkas Bolla
musique originale
Ghislain Poirier
conception sonore
Marie-Claude Gagné
Didier Awadi
Michèle Garceau
Stefanie Brantner
Ellen Tang
Angelica Leminh
Erika Gutt
Marisa Berry Mendez
Myriam Cadet
Kate Langley
Geoffrey Mitchell
Luc Léger
enregistrement en studio
Geoffrey Mitchell
Luc Léger


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