The Great Toy Robbery

The Great Toy Robbery

                                    The Great Toy Robbery
| 6 min

This short animation stars the world's most-wanted good guy: Santa Claus. In this spoof of the Wild West, good triumphs over evil, but not before the evil robbers and their innocent victims have romped through some odd situations.

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  • réalisateur
    Jeff Hale
  • producteur
    Wolf Koenig
    Robert Verrall
  • producteur exécutif
    Tom Daly
  • caméra
    James Wilson
    Murray Fallen
  • son
    George Croll
  • montage sonore
    Karl Duplessis
    Don Wellington
  • animation
    Jeff Hale
    Cameron Guess
  • voix
    Richard Gilbert
  • musique
    Donald Douglas

  • myronkd

    I remember seeing this in elementary school in the mid seventies. Funny, don't recall the nude hanging on the saloon wall!

    myronkd, 5 Mar 2017
  • NFB_Moderator

    @funnyman--> This animated film was originally a theatrical short released throughout Canadian cinemas and all over the world. Hope that helps!

    NFB_Moderator, 12 Jan 2015
  • funnyman

    Would love to find out more about the time and place, where, and on what channel this was originally aired?

    funnyman, 24 Déc 2014