Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

| 49 min

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This documentary uses frequent dramatic re-enactments to trace the tale of the Edmonton Grads women's basketball team, which was formed in 1915 and disbanded in 1940. During that time, the team was Canadian Champion (1922-1940), North American Champion (1923-1940), and World Champion (1924-1940). Their phenomenal record of 502 wins and 20 losses remains unrivalled by any team in any sport. Shooting Stars is a thorough historical look at female athletes in an era when sports were a man’s game.

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Shooting Stars, Allan Stein, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Allan Stein
  • producteur
    Allan Stein
    Jerry Krepakevich
  • producteur exécutif
    Mairi MacLean
    Graydon McCrea
  • scénario
    Mairi MacLean
    Allan Stein
  • caméra
    James Jeffrey
  • son
    Clancy Livingston
  • montage
    Marke Slipp
  • montage sonore
    Michel Lalonde
  • narrateur
    Mairi MacLean
  • musique
    George Blondheim
  • interprète
    Jayne Geldart
    Shelaine Kozakavich
    Tracy Levang
    Monica Reicher
    Wilf Rowe
    Annette Sanregret
    Patti Smith
    Lynette Taal
    Zofia Yeomans