A Question of Identity: War of 1812

A Question of Identity: War of 1812

| 27 min

This short film explores the effect the war of 1812 had on pioneer settlements of the Upper St. Lawrence and Niagara regions. When Britain and the United States were at war, the feud spilled over into Canada, and farmers who had worked together to clear their land had to decide on which side their allegiance lay. When many took up arms to defend their new land against the "Yankee" marauders, a feeling of Canadian identity began to emerge.

  • producteur
    Bernard Devlin
  • caméra
    Jean Roy
  • musique
    Robert Fleming
  • interprète
    James Edmond
    Chris Wiggins
    Roy Wordsworth

A Question of Identity: War of 1812
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  • Canuck In A Truck

    This is a poor excuse for a film it is not enjoyable and it had poor production even for its age. This film is nothing compared to other war movies such as "Is Paris Burning?" or "The Blue Max". The Costumes were horrendous and the horses looked like they weren't even trained because of the lack of movement. This makes it less appealing to the younger audiences who care more about animals and their lack of screen time. The set is one of the only positive things I can say about this movie. The Sound was highly disproportionate to example the crickets were way louder than the footsteps of the people. This movie was awful, would not recommend it.

    Canuck In A Truck, 10 Jui 2022

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