Ludovic - Monsters Hunters

Ludovic - Monsters Hunters

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After George and Ludovic look at a book of scary pictures, they hear an even scarier noise coming from outside. Their imaginations get the better of them and they think there’s a monster out there ready to attack Louie in the workshop. They bravely set out with some toys to save Louie. But won’t they be surprised when they see what’s actually making the noise.

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  • scénario
    Anne-Marie Perrotta
    Tean Schultz
  • réalisateur principal
    Co Hoedeman
  • réalisateur
    Stéfan Leblanc
  • producteur
    Louise Richard
    Jan Bonath
    Paul Mathot
    Julie Roy
  • producteur exécutif
    Vivianne Morin
    Jan Bonath
    Peter Mansfelt
    René Chénier