A Love That Kills

A Love That Kills

A Love That Kills is a powerful documentary that tells the tragic story of Monica, a nineteen-year-old woman who was murdered by her former boyfriend. Monica's mother speaks passionately throughout the video, bravely telling viewers about her daughter's life and tragic death. She describes the helplessness she felt watching the emotional and economic abuse. She later discovered that physical battering was also part of the violence that Monica endured. In a parallel conversation, young people list the symptoms of partner abuse from male and female points of view. A Love That Kills helps to identify the warning signs of partner abuse, especially in young people, and the damage it causes emotionally and physically.

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  • interprète
    Leanne Buchanan
    Justen Harcourt
    Judy MacPhail
    Crystal Lowe
    Elena Nep
    John Hawkes
    Crystal Bublé
    Winston Brown
  • réalisateur
    Annie O'Donoghue
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    Sharon Gibbon
  • producteur
    Jack McGaw
  • *
    Dawna Speers
  • photographie
    Doug Sjoquist
    Todd Craddock
    Lester Lightstone
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    Eric Harwood Davies
    Lisa Kolisnyk
  • monteur
    Deane Bennett
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    John Sereda
    Melanie Devoy
  • maquillage
    Pauline Walsh
  • *
    Pauline Walsh
  • producteur exécutif
    Svend-Erik Eriksen
  • producteur
    George Johnson