How to Climb a Mountain

How to Climb a Mountain

| 29 min

In this short documentary vignette, members of the Alpine Club of Canada display their skill and talk to host Fred Davis about why they climb. The film take us to a ten-thousand-foot peak in Yoho National Park, a practice slope on Grouse Mountain near Vancouver, and a steep precipice known as Devil's Leap, providing ample scope for a demonstration of mountain climbing.

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How to Climb a Mountain, Walford Hewitson, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • réalisateur
    Walford Hewitson
  • producteur
    Robert Anderson
  • photographie
    Len Chatwin
    Donald Wilder
  • montage
    Marion Meadows
    David Mayerovitch
  • présentateur
    Fred Davis