Heavy Horse Pull

This short documentary offers a humorous look at horse-pulling contests in Ontario and the people who prepare for them. We travel from the farm to the contest, where excitement runs high and the quips do not lack in local colour. Which of these magnificent creatures will be able to pull the heaviest load and win the prize?


Roberta King
Ronald Squire
Beryl Fox
producteur exécutif
Don Hopkins
Robert Fresco
Ian Hendry
Bill McLelland
Peter Shewchuk
Glenn Squire
Roger Pyke
montage sonore
Ronald Sanders
Terry Cooke
Prairie Oyster


  • Malcolm

    «I love this video it gives me someon to look up to because i got draft horses like that and will be pulling in 2 years about. Does anyone know what the song at the end of this video is called ? » — Malcolm, 4 Jui 2014

  • Yippy

    «This was not just country life in Ontario. I am sure it was life across the country. I remember being at the fair and in awe of the big teams. And Im only 42» — Yippy, 19 Jul 2013

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