The Grasslands Project - Population 21

The Grasslands Project - Population 21

| 9 min
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This short documentary from The Grasslands Project is a portrait of Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan. The town has lost all four of its grain elevators, the railway was torn up, the old hotel is in ruins, and the school has been closed for a decade. One of the only attractions left is the community hall, which, on a scant few weekends out of the year, can still get crowded. Meanwhile, to the handful of kind souls who still live in the village, there are good reasons to call Wood Mountain home.

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  • writer
    Scott Parker
  • réalisateur
    Scott Parker
  • producteur
    David Christensen
  • cinématographie
    Scott Parker
  • monteur
    Scott Parker
  • compositeur de la musique
    Aaron Macri
  • *
    John Blerot
  • producteur exécutif
    David Christensen

  • genni

    wood mountain if other viewers are getting the same quality film as I have, I want my tax dollars back!!!!! picture and sound are terrible. genni

    genni, 11 Jui 2016