A Bus - For Us

A Bus - For Us

| 14 min

After repeated attempts to obtain service from the public transportation authorities, these suburban Ottawa residents finally decided to do it themselves. In this short film from the early 1970s, we watch as a group of Ottawa residents take action after getting the runaround from local transport authorities. The suburban residents had made numerous attempts to obtain bus service, but with much frustration and no success. Tired of waiting on the authorities, they decided to sort it out for themselves.

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A Bus - For Us, Rex Tasker, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • réalisateur
    Rex Tasker
  • montage
    Rex Tasker
  • producteur exécutif
    Len Chatwin
  • photographie
    Tony Ianzelo
  • son
    Gui Bernardes
  • montage sonore
    André Galbrand