Beyond Memory: A Documentary About Dementia

Beyond Memory: A Documentary About Dementia

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The new documentary Beyond Memory is an intimate revelation of what it's like to live with dementia, or to love someone with this disease.

The five individuals and families profiled in the film offer an essential lesson about living each day. Elaine, diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at just 47, works to keep her brain active, and becomes the first known Canadian with Alzheimer's to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. A 1950s rhythm & blues star, 82-year-old Milton can't remember the words to songs but can still show off the dance moves that first attracted his wife, Ruby. George gave up his job and moved home when his mother's memory failed. He patiently reminds her of all the important details in her life, save one: Alberta's forgotten she has Alzheimer's. Gord, a former Revelstoke maintenance supervisor for CP Rail, works closely with his wife, Claudia, to make plans for his future. And, suffering from a rare and fast-moving form of dementia, 57-year-old Dede has pretty much had her memory wiped clean. Yet, when her husband, Gerry, enters the room, she smiles. Her connection to him has survived her memory.

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Beyond Memory: A Documentary About Dementia, Sharon Bartlett et Maria LeRose, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • producteur
    Sharon Bartlett
    Maria LeRose
  • réalisateur
    Sharon Bartlett
    Maria LeRose
  • narrateur
    Maria LeRose
  • directeur de la photographie
    Max Lindenthaler
  • caméra additionnelle
    Geoff Rogers
  • prise de son
    George Colmer
    Brent Calkin
    Marc Benoit
    Richard Crooks
    Peter Kepkay
  • None
    Christopher Holmes
    Tim Johnson
    Howard Feldman
    Ian MacKenzie
    Kiran Rabheru
    David Gullason
  • musique originale
    Lesley Sutherland
  • montage en ligne
    Brice Dowd
  • régie de plateau
    Laura Grieco
  • montage son
    Marc Benoit
  • magnétoscope
    Renee Dion
  • participant
    Elaine Wright
    Gord Grant
    Claudia Grant
    Milt Murrill
    Ruby Murrill
    George Tomlinson
    Alberta Tomlinson
    Gerry Matier
    Dede Jamieson
  • directeur de la programmation
    Sarah MacDonald
    Michele Paris