Atanarjuat the Fast Runner

Atanarjuat the Fast Runner

| 2 h 41 min
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This adaptation of an ancient Inuit legend was filmed in Inuktitut and directed by Inuit filmmakers - making Atanarjuat the first feature film of its kind!

Set in Igloolik, in Nunavut, this is "a powerful drama, not a documentary," reminds the director Kunuk. "It demystifies the exotic, otherwordly aboriginal stereotype by telling a universal story." The clothes, spears, kayaks, sunglasses and dwellings were all painstakingly researched. "We show how our ancestors dressed, how they handled their dog teams, how they argued and laughed.. confronted evil and fought back."

Many enthusiastic viewers have compared this epic story to The Iliad. In the words of one movie critic, "If Homer had been given a video camera, this is what he would have done!"

In Inuktitut, with English subtitles.

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  • consultant au récit
    Anne Frank
  • chanson
    Emile Immaroitok
    Abraham Ulayuruluk
  • caméra
    Norman Cohn
  • writer
    Paul Apak Angilirq
  • réalisateur
    Zacharias Kunuk
  • photographie
    Norman Cohn
  • monteur
    Zacharias Kunuk
    Norman Cohn
    Marie-Christine Sarda
  • design
    James Ungalaaq
  • musique originale
    Chris Crilly
  • producteur
    Paul Apak Angilirq
    Norman Cohn
    Zacharias Kunuk
  • producteur exécutif
    Sally Bochner
  • producteur
    Germaine Ying Gee Wong
  • interprète
    Natar Ungalaaq
    Sylvia Ivalu
    Peter Henry Arnatsiaq
    Lucy Tulugarjuk
    Madeline Ivalu
    Pauloosie Qulitalik
    Eugene Ipkarnak
    Pakak Innuksuk
    Neeve Irngaut
    Abraham Ulayuruluk
    Apayata Kotierk
    Mary Qulitalik
    Luke Taqqaugaq
    Alex Uttak
    Eric Nutarariaq
    Stephen Qrunnut
    Pipily Akkitirq
    Mary Angutautuk
    Charlie Qulitalik
    Atuat Akkitirq
    Catherine Alaralak
    Susan Kublu
    Samueli Ammaq
    Micheline Ammaq
    Lucien Ukkalianuk
    Therese Ukkalianuk
    Felix Alaralak
    Elizabeth Nutarakittuq
    Jenny Irngaut
    Rita Ijjiraq
    Andrew Uyarasuk
    Cindy Paniaq
    Lou Paula Kunuk
    Maggie Ukkalianuk
    Arsene Ivalu
    Racheal Uyarasuk
    Catherine Arnatsiaq
    Reena Qulitalik
    Bernice Ivalu
    Mark Alaralak
    Isa Akkitirq
    Laurent Arnatsiaq
    Isa Ammaq
    Cora Akkitirq
    Steven Akkitirq
    Wilma Ammaq
    Daniel Akkitirq
    Hayley-June Ammaq
    Colleen Ulayuruluk
    Tarcisius Taqqaugaq
    Raymond Taqqaugaq
  • maquilleur
    Therese Ipkarnak
  • *
    Walter Klassen
  • monteur effets sonores
    Don Ayer
  • *
    Andy Malcolm
    Goro Koyama
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Serge Boivin
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • *
    Eric Lemoyne
    Richard Lavoie