This experimental short animation is inspired by the NFB's Studio D (1975-1994), a production department aimed at creating filmmaking opportunities for women in Canada. Featuring a rhythmic soundscape and paint-on-glass animation, Assembly shows a woman’s hands cutting and editing a reel of film on a flatbed editing table as fragments of women walking in chains, protesting with placards, and speaking at podiums are inter-cut. We hear bursts of words and the percussive whir and click of the Steenbeck—until a “message” is finally revealed. The film is dedicated to the memory of Kathleen Shannon, a prominent editor and one-time Executive Producer of Studio D.

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Jenn Strom
Jenn Strom
Jenn Strom
Tracey Friesen
Jenn Strom
Gordon Cobb
conception sonore
Gordon Cobb
directeur de la photographie
Kim MacNaughton
Sylvia Mezei
producteur exécutif
Tracey Friesen


  • VroomFondle

    «That was very well done in the tradition of the Canadian demacracy movement. Bravo! Bravo! » — VroomFondle, 2 Mar 2013


    «Message heard and seen!» — PAMCGOLDRICK, 1 Mar 2013

  • KarinLisaAtkinson

    «I enjoyed this film very much. Thank you for creating it and presenting to the world to see.» — KarinLisaAtkinson, 1 Mar 2013

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