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Vistas Series (Ages 5-8)

Vistas Series (Ages 5-8)

Vistas is a series of short films on the subject of nationhood. From Halifax to Vancouver, every production studio in the NFB's English Program participated in this project, resulting in 13 unique films from 13 Aboriginal filmmakers.

Pour visionner cette sélection en français, cliquez ici.

Films in This Playlist Include
Vistas: Boxed In
Vistas: Button Blanket
Vistas: Carrying Fire
Vistas: Crossing the Line
Vistas: Dancers of the Grass
Vistas: Ignition
Vistas: InukShop
Vistas: Little Thunder
Vistas: Red Ochre
Vistas - The Visit
Vistas: Trapper
Vistas: Walk-in-the-Forest
Vistas: Wave a Red Flag

  • Boxed In
    2009|4 min

    In this short film, a young woman of mixed ancestry struggles with an Equal Opportunity Form that requires her to respond to the dilemma: Ethnicity - Choose One.

  • Button Blanket

    This short impressionist documentary looks at the creation of a Button Blanket by integrating the performance of a traditional dance with the art of the West Coast Heiltsuk Nation.


  • Carrying Fire
    2009|3 min

    This short film weaves together animation and live action to show how the fire of our spirit is passed from one camp and one generation to the next.

  • Crossing the Line
    2009|3 min

    Filmmaker Tracey Deer's short film turns the politics and conflicts of a playground sandbox into an allegory for the way nations treat one another, and the borders seem to do more harm than good.

  • Dancers of the Grass
    2009|2 min

    This short film presents a stunning display of a stop-motion animation as it vividly depicts the majesty of the hoop dance, a tradition symbolizing the unity of all nations.

  • Ignition
    2009|3 min

    This animated short evokes the experience of driving alone on an unlit rural road at night. Darkness is broken by the beam of headlights, creating dancing shadows that obscure what lies beyond the road.

  • InukShop
    2009|2 min

    In this short film, filmmaker Jobie Weetaluktuk mixes archival and new footage to make a statement about the appropriation of Inuit culture throughout history.

  • Little Thunder

    This animated short, inspired by the Mi'kmaq legend "The Stone Canoe" explores Indigenous humour. We follow Little Thunder as he reluctantly leaves his family and sets out on a cross-country canoe trip to become a man.

  • Red Ochre
    2009|3 min

    Combining archival photos with new and found footage, this short film presents a personal, impressionistic rendering of what it's like growing up Mi'kmaq in Newfoundland, while living in a culture of denial.

  • The Visit
    2009|3 min

    This animated short tells the true story of a Cree family's strange encounter one winter night, which results in a conversation beyond words.

  • Trapper
    2009|2 min

    This beautiful short film captures the quiet dignity of a day in the life of a Northern trapper, without use of any dialogue.

  • Walk-in-the-Forest
    2009|3 min

    Diane Obomsawin's whimsical animated short follows medicine man Walk-in-the-forest on a walk in the woods that leads to the discovery of an intriguing secret world.

  • Wave a Red Flag
    2009|4 min

    In this short film, a young girl discovers the meaning of community and cultural pride after her mother insists she wave a red flag on her way to school.