To Wake Up the Nakota Language

To Wake Up the Nakota Language

                                To Wake Up the Nakota Language
| 6 min

“When you don’t know your language or your culture, you don’t know who you are,” says 69-year-old Armand McArthur, one of the last fluent Nakota speakers in Pheasant Rump First Nation, Treaty 4 territory, in southern Saskatchewan. Through the wisdom of his words, Armand is committed to revitalizing his language and culture for his community and future generations.

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  • écriture
    Louise BigEagle
  • réalisateur
    Louise BigEagle
  • directeur de la photographie
    Aaron Munson
  • monteur
    Trevor Aikman
  • concepteur du son
    Cary Ciesielski
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    David Roman
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    Geoffrey Mitchell
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    Geoffrey Mitchell
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    Jon Montes
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    David Christensen

  • None

    I'm glad that I was able to heard the Nakota Language due to the short film. It sounds like a beautiful language and to only have a few people that speak it fluently is devastating. I like that there are people willing to learn the language.

    None, 18 Fév 2020
  • Simun

    Beautiful short film! Respect from Croatia :)

    Simun, 31 Jan 2019
  • Shasha

    It's been a long time since I've heard the language of my home. The sound resonated in the deepest part of my being. <3

    Shasha, 28 Nov 2018