Three Thousand

Three Thousand

                                Three Thousand
| 14 min

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In this short film, Inuk artist Asinnajaq plunges us into a sublime imaginary universe—14 minutes of luminescent, archive-inspired cinema that recast the present, past and future of her people in a radiant new light.

Diving into the NFB’s vast archive, she parses the complicated cinematic representation of the Inuit, harvesting fleeting truths and fortuitous accidents from a range of sources—newsreels, propaganda, ethnographic docs, and work by Indigenous filmmakers. Embedding historic footage into original animation, she conjures up a vision of hope and beautiful possibility.

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Three Thousand, Asinnajaq, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • écriture
  • réalisateur
  • None
    Jonathan Ng
    Patrick Defasten
    Karla Baumgardner
    Alethea Arnaquq-Baril
    Tanya Tagaq
    Geronimo Inutiq
    Judith Gruber-Stitzer
    Jean-François Laprise
  • monteur
    Annie Jean
  • musique originale
    Olivier Alary
  • chant de gorge
    Tanya Tagaq
    Celina Kalluk
  • chanteur
  • conception sonore
    Catherine Van Der Donckt
  • montage sonore
    Catherine Van Der Donckt
  • conseiller au son
    Benoît Dame
  • illustrations
    Naluturuk Weetaluktuk
    Tanya Innaarulik
  • recherchiste
  • monteur en ligne
    Yannick Carrier
  • chef de coordination et soutien aux projets
    Pierre Ferlatte
  • chef, Ressources techniques
    Steve Hallé
  • technicien montage numérique
    Pierre Dupont
    Isabelle Painchaud
    Patrick Trahan
  • directeur technique, animation
    Éloi Champagne
  • coordonnateur, animation technique
    Randall Finnerty
  • ré-enregistrement
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • prise de son au bruitage
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • conseils - voix
    Alanis Obomsawin
    Jobie Weetaluktuk
  • traduction
    Jobie Weetaluktuk
    Mylène Augustin
  • agent, marketing
    Amanda Laukys
  • agent de publicité
    Pat Dillon
  • coordonnateur principal de production
    Camila Blos
    Isabelle Limoges
  • coordonnateur de production
    Christine Williams
  • administrateur de programme
    Leslie Anne Poyntz
    Camila Blos
  • producteur
    Kat Baulu
  • producteur exécutif
    Annette Clarke
  • directeur exécutif
    Michelle van Beusekom

  • Colleen

    Thank you Asinnajaq and the others you credit, for this beautiful and deeply moving art piece. None has said it so well before me. That still beam of light sliding out to the horizon then up and into the star universe is just one visually exquisite moment. The two toothed birth imagery, an imagined future landscape, the archived families and transitioning imagery were all deeply moving. Qujanaq beautiful.

    Colleen, 21 Jul 2021
  • None

    A visually stunning poignant film. I loved how it juxtaposed her community across time and the positioning of culture and colonization as a presence throughout. It was so powerful so see a depiction of the future like this.

    None, 1 Jul 2020
  • None

    It's been said that filmmakers are mandated to give us new visions that aid us to survive and thrive. This film gave me a new vision and enabled me to see a better future. I came here to see something my mind could never create, that no mind I know could ever think of creating, and that's what I got.

    None, 25 Mar 2020
  • mala_phoebe


    mala_phoebe, 10 Aoû 2019
  • None

    When will this film be available?

    None, 26 Fév 2019
  • None

    How/ Where can I see this? Is there a sense of when it will be available?

    None, 20 Nov 2018