The Agony of Jimmy Quinlan

The Agony of Jimmy Quinlan


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This short documentary follows Jimmy Quinlan, one of the estimated 5000 men and women who lived in the streets and alleys of Montreal in the late 1970s. The film casts a harsh light on the realities of life on the street, as Jimmy battles his addictions; sobriety is a goal he's tried to achieve before and will probably have to try again. In and out of shelters, Jimmy's life is anything but stable, but his unique personality shines through in this affecting portrait.

Ce film traite d'un sujet controversé. Pour public averti.

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The Agony of Jimmy Quinlan, George Mihalka et George Williams, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • producteur
    Robert Duncan
    Janice Brown
    Andy Thomson
  • réalisateur
    George Mihalka
    George Williams
  • scénario
    Robert Duncan
    Janice Brown
    Andy Thomson
  • montage
    Robert Duncan
    Janice Brown
    Andy Thomson
  • producteur exécutif
    Peter Katadotis
  • photographie
    Rodney Gibbons
  • son
    Donald Cohen
  • montage sonore
    Abbey Jack Neidik
  • ré-enregistrement
    Michel Descombes
  • narrateur
    Earl Pennington

  • MarleneFul

    The Mission is an amazing part of the city that has helped so many people.

    MarleneFul, 21 Sep 2019
  • hudgeliberal

    Great little documentary. Always so interested in the homeless, most cases are due to severe mental illness or addiction disease. Thank you to NFB for all the great content here....veritable mish-mash of quality film

    hudgeliberal, 2 Aoû 2016
  • Migeycan

    They all have such Irish second names.

    Migeycan, 8 Avr 2014
  • sixam

    He's 38? He looks more like 68. Where do they get money for cigarettes?

    sixam, 10 Fév 2014
  • Brents

    The problem of alcohol has been around since time began..It seems may of these guys were from the Maritimes..I wonder what took them to Montreal? Overall a very good documentary.I hope they keep it around..

    Brents, 5 Jui 2010